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Creative real estate company, First & First, approached Gaardhouse about a video piece that captured the essence of what they do: Transforming neglected spaces into inspired places. Oh, and it needed to include a skate-boarder. I had the pleasure of working with director Zechariah Thormodsgaard in concepting this spot, which transitions different artists to reflect the creativity in the tenants that reside in spaces that First & First creates. The crew at Gaardhouse did an amazing job of crafting this piece. Thank you, thank you!





My friends at Colle McVoy invited me to create a social media experience for their “Real Inspiration” blend coffee campaign, for Caribou. I discovered a great story in how the blend was inspired by the everyday things. This story was condensed into a script. So I decided to visualize this story on Pinterest with repins from all over Pinterest - An inspiration story told through inspirations. Repinned words and images created a board you could literally read from left to right, top to bottom. The repins themselves created buzz, driving traffic to the board. See the board.




RockPaperPhoto is like a museum to rock and roll. They have a treasure trove of incredible music photogrpahy. Division of Labor asked us to help honor rock and roll history with posters to be displayed in music venues across the U.S. Writers: Russ Stark and Division of Labor.



Cadillac: CTS Sport Sedan "Front to Back". The brief was to bring to life the somewhat hard-to-grasp fact that the CTS has an almost perfectly balanced chassis, giving it incredibly agile handling. How? The weight distribution is so close to perfect, front to back, that you can tear through corners driving it back to front. What you see in this spot is completely real. No CGI. No camera tricks. I had the pleasure of working with director Jeff Zwart on this. Big ups. Writer: Jeremiah Follet.




An augmented print ad running in tandem with the TV spot. By placing your smart phone over the image, you can watch the cars come to life as the spot plays.




As expected, many have questioned the authenticity of the spot. So we created this interactive :15s cut down where viewers can see three alternate camera angles of the cars, showing that they are not rigged together or otherwise connected. You can enlarge any of the alternate angles by clicking on them.




A tablet magazine ad that plays on the notion of balance, and the tablet's orientation. As it is tilted and rotated, all elements of the ad, except the car and the headline, tumble and fall off balance. The ad resolves to the spot.



This trailer for the Twin Cities Film Fest feeds my obsessive compulsion to watch movie trailers for hours on end. I concepted, co-directed and shot this in Minneapolis with THE PENCIL PROJECT on a shoestring budget.



Starkey: Better Hearing Awareness Month. A "Hearing Chart" designed to build awareness for the month of May, Better Hearing Month. It was awarded a Merit at THE ONE SHOW.





Target: Arts & Wonder. A sponsored free family event in New York City, offering arts and craft classes in various museums and galleries. This interactive storefront promoted the locations and times for the event, allowing kids and passersby to literally paint the window. Their master pieces, with venue dates and locations, were shareable by email. Writer: Noah Will. Production: Monster Media. Mural inspired by original artwork from Little & Company.




T.D.K. Audio Launch. Print ads for the relaunch of the brand with a new range of audio products. This direction aimed to elevate consumer perception to the top tier.




T.D.K. Audio Launch. This was an alternate direction for the re-launch of the brand, with a new range of audio products, in a highly competitive market. It was aimed specifically at the younger audiences.





(Nike) Bauer: Live The Game. Nike sold Bauer, taking with them the large budgets and the elite brand association. Bauer desperately needed a new platform and brand overhaul. Since the company name still maintained strong brand recognition, we developed a new positioning statement and tagline that focused on its long history and the intense passion that players had for the game: "Live The Game". Creative Director: Derek Bitter. Writers: Noah Will / Derek Bitter. Photographer: Jonathan Chapman / Patrick Molnar.







(Nike) Bauer: "Live The Game" Book. This brand book was created for internal and retail audiences, giving them a look at where Bauer has been and where it is going. Photographer: Jonathan Chapman / Patrick Molnar.





We completely redesigned, moving away from a single, highly unoptimized flash experience, to a modular design where content is king and every item on the page is shareable. Our goal was not just an online catalogue for Bauer products, but to build a hub for all things hockey. Interactive Lead: Brooke Dykema. Co-Designer: Dain Larson.










(Nike) Bauer: Supreme TotalOne Stick Feature. This product feature is an interactive video experience where you see things from the pro's eyes. Using Facebook Connect, your name, birth date, hometown and profile image appear throughout the experience, from preparing in the locker room to "popping your shot" on the ice—an insider term for hitting the goalie’s water bottle off the netting when you score. Massive ice cred. The experience ends with a shareable video of the winning goal and your name in the headlines. Designer: Dain Larson.



(Nike) Bauer: Vapor X:60 Skate Pre-launch Campaign. As part of the brand relaunch, Bauer developed a new pro-level hockey skate, the Vapor X:60. We created this spot for retail and in-arena events to build up hype around the launch date. Production: Motion 504.





Playing off the product name "Vapor" we used the burnt outline of the skate for in-arena banners and a retail wall cling, to tease the launch of Bauer's pro-level skate. The cling replaced one of the skates in a row of skate-talkers, appearing like a burnt hole through the wall. Writer: Derek Bitter. Photographer: Jonathan Chapman.





(Nike) Bauer: Vapor X:60 Skate Feature. One of many product features I designed that lived in a new This one was for the Vapor X60 skate and included bucket loads of wallpapers, videos and other shareable content.




With a freshly redesigned, we needed to redirect traffic from Building on the success and excitement of the Vapor X:60 skate prelaunch campaign, we decided to take the old site and burn it down.








(Nike) Bauer: Tournament Series 2009. Multiple ad campaign and logo design for the annual Bauer high school hockey Tournament Series, played across several tournaments throughout the USA, Canada and Sweden. Writer: Noah Will. Photographer: Jonathan Chapman / Patrick Molnar.




(Nike) Bauer: Tournament Series 2010. Multiple ad campaign for the annual Bauer high school hockey Tournament Series, played across several tournaments throughout the USA, Canada and Sweden. Writer: Derek Bitter. Photographer: Jonathan Chapman.







Northwestern Mutual: Permanent Life Insurance. Breaking into new and competitive territory, this intangible product needed to standout. We challenged NM with a completely unique direction for the category, which played out through print ads, a Facebook app, handraiser mail, and TV Spots. Design / Production: Capacity. Original music composed by: Nylon Studios.




Capital One Bank: Visigoth Yourself. After purchasing Chevy Chase Bank, Capitol One gained a new customers overnight. To help welcome them to the family, we created this Facebook app where anyone can turn themselves into a visigoth. After giving yourself a medieval makeover, you can then share your new self for other so vote on. All visigoths are ranked in the Hall of Visigoths. Your landing page also shows you who in your network have also visigoth'd themselves and how many votes they have. Designer: Clinton Lugert



Converse: Laces Campaign "Journey". A viral video for Converse's Laces campaign. Somtimes its just fun to play a great track and flying through space. Production: Splice Here.




ORN. I designed and directed the identity, catalogue and ads for this boutique fashion label. Photographer: Matthew Barnes.